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Aiding a good night's sleep every time

How I control my sleep patterns to suit me and my lifestyle

Take control of your busy thoughts and calm your mind in seconds. Great for power-naps and full-night of restful sleep.

Speaking from the heart

How I learned to open my heart

Managing migraines and Increasing low energy

How I manage my migraines and fatique

Relieving the stress of business ownership

Entrepreneur reveals her secret for success

Confessions of a chocoholic and raw, hand-made chocolate, business owner. Learn how to let go of stress while growing your business and have fun. Delegate taste and release control while growing your business.

Achieving deep relaxation

How I learned to completely relax

Feeling good about the world inside and out

Teacher shares tips for having a more positive outlook

How to feel like a child again, have a positive perspective, encourage yourself, and balance emotions.

Maintaining effortless meditation

She almost gave up on meditation before learning this hack

Supporting a friend with addiction

Helping a friend through 12 steps with the Ajna Light