Offering Light Sessions as a Business to help others

Relaxation Lights are a simple tool for relaxation, meditation and self-awareness. Anyone of any age can experience how a light works during a 10 minute introductory session.

Start by acquiring a Light for personal use. Then, offer sessions for family, friends and co-workers to collect experiences within your own social network. The videos on our home page show that's exactly how we got started.

We've found that word-of-mouth exposure always brings more people to you. Many people get finished with their first session and say, "Oh my partner has to experience this!"

After a 10 minute free session, you can offer paid sessions of gradually longer lengths. See our own session pricing model here to use as a guide: . We feel the least amount billed for sessions (when purchased in groups) is a 1 USD per minute.

Start in a spare room, office or any place where people can sit, recline or lay comfortably.

Have some great fun with Light Parties!
We run Light Parties and invite groups of 4 to 20 people over to our home. We gather everyone around a single light and run a 10 minute session. Then we let people share their experiences. We end the evening with a 20 minute session and then sign people up for scheduled private sessions in the days to come.

Know doubt about it...Individual and group sessions are very unique, interesting and rewarding experiences.

Distributor Relations

If you have an existing import business, please contact us for distribution details in your area.

What do you think? Contact us to discuss your own level of interest. We are more than willing to support you in any application that may help others experience this simple and affective technology.